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September 26, 2021

Till you meet that special person, life seems a bit less grounded or unstable. And, then you finally meet that special person and it’s rainbows and rosesat least in the movies, and perhaps in real life as well.

Now, time goes on and the relationship which was wild and passionate and adventurous tends to mature into a peace-filled pace that we enjoy. There is a maturity in the relationship that moves from being a fizzy soda to the deeper roundedness of a single malt.  Well, at least for some of us!! Or certainly, if you’re reading the right romantic novel or watching a happy romcom.

Now, just hold on.. till now I’ve painted a very cynical picture of relationships. What if I told you that there was a way in which the rainbow and roses can actually be part of your relationship.. not in a fictional way, but in a very real way that works for you and your partner.

So, let’s talk about these practices today.. And, if you’re just starting out with that special person in your life or if you’ve been in a relationship for some, here are some easy to do practices that can IGNITE or RE-IGNITE the love, respect and affection that is integral to mature and successful relationships.

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